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perl-Parse-CPAN-Meta merging into perl-CPAN-Meta

Paul Howarth, 2016-08-19T09:57:18
Upstream has merged Parse::CPAN::Meta into the CPAN-Meta dist. Normally, 
I'd just add appropriate obsoletes/provides, retire perl-Parse-CPAN-Meta 
and that would be that. However, the perl-Parse-CPAN-Meta package has an 
epoch, which the perl-CPAN-Meta package does not, so in order to avoid 
self-obsoletion, I would have to bump epoch in the perl-CPAN-Meta 
package too.

Alternatively, I could take up the hint here:

and have the obsolete without the provide. This looks much cleaner, and 
there's only one package in Rawhide that requires perl-Parse-CPAN-Meta 
explicitly, which is perl-core. So if that dependency was dropped (the 
existing dependency on perl-CPAN-Meta will still be there to pull in the 
module), all would be well.

Any thoughts?

Should this go to F-25 as well?

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