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Soon retirement of zeromq2 and zeromq3

Thomas Spura, 2016-11-13T10:40:43
Hi all,

zeromq2 and zeromq3 were additional/compat packages that made it possible
to ship multiple versions of zeromq (namely the old versions 2 and 3).
These days, they don't get any bugfixes anymore and the version 4 should be
used were possible. There should have been enough time to port all
dependant packages to zeromq-4 and I like to retire these packages.

The current dependencies are:
# dnf repoquery --whatrequires zeromq2 --alldeps
# dnf repoquery --whatrequires zeromq3 --alldeps

The maintainer of perl-ZMQ-LibZMQ* should be aware of this [1,2] and is
also in CC. Feel free to take over the zeromq2 and zeromq3 packages,
otherwise I'll retire it next week.



Perl packages with OpenSSL 1.1.0

Petr Pisar, 2016-11-10T11:07:44

as you maybe noticed, Fedora 26 upgraded OpenSSL to 1.1.0b version
<>. This version breaks API
and causes many packages to fail to build or to work

I gathered all these failures noticed durig the weekly Perl bootstrap
<> and
reported them into Bugzilla. perl-Net-SSLeay and perl-IO-Socket-SSL were
ready for the change thanks to active upstream. But many other OpenSSL
bindings had to be fixed by myself.

I also noticed that it's necessary to rebuild all of the packages to make sure
only one OpenSSL library version is used in a process. Otherwise programs
can crash
Therefore I rebuilt all Perl packages that were linked to the old library.

Current status is all the Perl packages (I know about) are fixed. The only
exception is perl-AnyEvent
<> that fails
a multi-thread test. I hope this one will be corrected in reasoanble time.

Enjoy new OpenSSL that's getting a security fix today

-- Petr
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